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Cieula Thomas

Director of Ms Full-Figured New York

I am the one and only Ciuela Suella, International Model and now Director of the Ms. Full-Figured USA. NY (formerly known as Ms. Full-Figured USA Plus) and I am on a mission to create curvy empresses with an empire state of mind. Prior to my position as director, I worked as an international model, working with some of the fashion industry's biggest names, including the Virginia Cathey Collection, Thomas Lavone, Her Game 2, Circle of Sister, and more. I have been featured in the Caribbean Plus Fashion Show in Trinidad in Tobago and have been published in multiple magazines, such as BB Plus magazine, Fashion Avenue News, Full Blossom, Elegance & Focus, and Photography Plus, among others. My television credits include Good Day New York, Dr. Oz and The Chew just name a few. However, my journey wasn't always a glamorous one.

Growing up in the foster care system, I developed a host of emotional scars and traumas that deeply impacted my mental health and my ability to show up for myself in the world. I constantly felt like I wasn't good enough, lacking the confidence and self-love it took to ever imagine getting in front of a camera or on stage. Luckily, Ms. Theresa of Ms. Full-Figured USA Pageant gave me the courage to believe in myself and see my true beauty—my 2012 pageant win would not have been possible without her kindness and encouragement. For me, the modeling industry continues to be a source of body positivity, self-love, and support. Today, I celebrate my curvy body and show the world just how beautiful we all are. Thanks to Ms. Full Figured U.S.A, I am the sexy, sassy, and confident Ciuela Suella—a name so nice you have to say it twice!

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