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D'Amrique Justice
Ms. Full-Figured Director of Michigan

D'Amrique Justice is a proud and vibrant native of Lansing, Michigan. She has earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Morgan State University of Baltimore, Maryland. Her first experience within pageantry was with the Ms. Full-figured U.S.A pageant competition in Newark, New Jersey in 2015, of which she won. Four years later she was invited back to compete for Ms. Ultimate Full-Figured Beauty Queen 2019 (highest title in this pageant system), and won again! That same year she was extended the invitation to join the Director's team of this dynamic brand, of which she humbly accepted, and became the Director of Ms.Full-Figured U.S.A Michigan. Since winning her first pageant in 2015, D'Amrique has discovered she has a sincere love for pageantry. Through pageantry, she has been about to touch the lives of many women, all with the intent of leaving a lasting message of self-love and being our sisters' keeper. In her spare time, D'Amrique enjoys working with children and completing DIY projects.

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