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Ms.Theresa     Randolph

Ms. Full-Figured USA is one of the most well-established, respected and long-standing beauty pageants featuring a diverse group of women of all races, shapes, and sizes. Its significance offers gorgeous ladies an opportunity to build a platform, enhance their career ambitions, foster meaningful relationships and to

demonstrate that "Size has no Barrier on Beauty." Indeed, the average American woman is not model-thin, as shown in the magazines -- huge numbers of them are considered "plus sized" by a short-sighted fashion industry.

The Ms. Full-Figured USA Pageant founded in 1989 by Ms.Theresa Randolph & Jackie Epps is an organization of diverse women in age, race, shape, and size all located throughout the United States of America

MSFFUSA extends a wide range of pageantry experience, sisterhood, mentorship, model training, and provides a unified network for women, while supporting the autonomy of the local community. We recognize that it is the responsibility of both men and women to serve, sacrifice and lend support to strengthen one another in an effort to further all of humanity.

Our Cultural Core Values are ownership, accountability, responsibility, balance, transparency, and relationship building. Empowerment is the heartbeat of our organization and the foundation by which we stand on the principles and promises of our sisterhood.


Our mission is to provide full-figured women the opportunity to join the United Sisters of America network. Through the pageantry experience we focus on building self-confidence, empowerment and inspiring others while serving the community.


We seek to promote positive body image amongst women, foster sisterhood, networking and empowerment through positive competition. Ms. Full-Figured USA serves with the community, inspires conversation, gives a voice and platform to women and lives by the motto “Size has no Barrier on Beauty.” We believe that beauty is important from the inside out; however, giving back is a priceless opportunity to enrich the progression of humanity.



Ms. Theresa “Sparkle” Randolph aka The Queen of NJ, is the Founder and President of the Ms. Full-Figured USA Pageant (MSFFUSA), the longest beauty pageant solely dedicated to promoting the empowerment of the full figured woman. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, the mission for the past 27+ years in producing this pageant has been focused on building the self-confidence in full figured women across the United States.

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